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Working Remotely

Lockdown has changed how we view the idea of working from home

For those who are in the fortunate position of working a job that can be done from home, it is a much more acceptable practice than it was in the past.

It does require a disciplined approach to balancing work life with domestic chores and relationships, as well as some additional skills in using online platforms for meetings and colaboration with fellow workers.

Although working from home may become a norm rather than an exception for many, according to a study by the University of Chicago in March of 2020,there is a large percentage of jobs that does not lend itself to working from home. 
They concluded that access to higher education is one of the biggest factors in the remote working scenario. 
Fortunately there is an increasing number of learning opportunities online and a greater acceptance of alternative forms of education. 

Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees?

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